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Koi hunting in Japan​

Mark is happy to guide you during your Japan trip in search of the Koi of your dreams​

Marks Koi offers customers the opportunity to travel to Japan on Koi Hunt to buy Koi themselves with guidance and advice. This offers you the opportunity to select your own fish at the source, the best breeders in Japan, to buy and to have it brought over to Europe.Hunting for your own Koi during a trip to Japan is also called Koi hunt. Are you a Hunter? We prefer to describe it as a quest. If a Japan trip is not for you, you can give us a search. More information about this can be found on this page.

When do we travel to Japan​

In general, the trips take place in the spring and autumn. We often try to combine these trips with a few sights. But the main mission of the trip is to visit the breeders and offer you the opportunity to select and buy the most beautiful fish for your own koi pond. But there is certainly room for you to get a good impression of Japan, her people, her culture and her sights.

Choose your dream koi from the breeder.

Images from previous Japan trips​

What options are there?​

The trips can be divided into 3 specific trips.
  • Northern Japan
  • South Japan
  • North and South Japan
If you choose to stay in the Northern part of Japan, the base will be the JR-East Hotel Mets Nagaoka.
For the southern part of Japan, we have the Hiroshima Airport Hotel as a starting point.

What can you expect

Included in the trip:

  • Airline ticket
  • Stay in hotels
  • Full board
  • Travel to growers
  • Sightseeing en route

Not included in the trip:

  • Travel insurance
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Visit pub/bar
  • Visit store
  • Purchased Koi

Additional information about the Japan trip​

Depending on your wishes, a trip will take 5 – 15 days. You can indicate which area of Japan you prefer, or perhaps even which grower you would like to visit. You can also indicate which variety of Koi you are looking for, then I will select the best breeders for you and adjust the trip accordingly. 

We travel in groups of max. 4 people. Because we travel in small groups, we can visit more growers, while you spend just as much time with the growers. This is of course due to the shorter waiting times. This way you can visit many breeders in 5 days and select your koi in peace.

Every morning after breakfast we leave for various growers. These trips will be done by car. We cover long distances by high-speed train.

We only buy from growers in Japan who are regularly tested for KHV. Fish that stay in Quarantine with me will be tested again afterwards. As a customer who purchases fish in Japan, you are responsible for this second test.

Interested in a Koi trip to Japan?

If you are interested in a Japan trip after reading this page. Please contact me for a no-obligation consultation and price request.

The price of a Japan trip depends on the duration and the travel distance.

The more you already know about what your wishes are, the better I can answer you.

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