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Let Mark look for your koi in Japan​

Mark will find the best Koi within your possibilities for you as a customer in Japan​

A Japan trip is not for everyone. Yet you can watch with us in Japan, that is: I can be your eyes in Japan. You can indicate what you are looking for, I will then look for you at the grower you have indicated. Koi that I think are good enough to show you, I will select and introduce to you. You decide whether you agree. I will take you through every step of the Koi hunt. 

You indicate what your wishes are. So you determine the grower, variety, age and last but not least your budget. Before I leave I will tell you if what you ask is realistic. But I will certainly guide you in the possibilities.

The first subsequent trip to Japan will be fall of 2024​

If you want me to look for one or more Koi for you, it is best to indicate this in good time. Our journey will go from North and South Japan. This way we can visit a large number of Growers. If you want a specific Koi from a Breeder, I must be able to schedule this in advance. 

At the bottom of this page you will find the form for your application.

Would you rather come along to choose the Koi of your dreams yourself, directly from the breeder in Japan, that option is also there. Read more about Koi Hunting Japan on the Japan travel page

Koi Hunt search. Which Koi can I search for you?

If, after reading this page, you want to give me a search query, I ask you to fill in the form below as completely and realistically as possible.

I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the details and next steps.

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